Why My Community Needs Positive Images.

Written By: Tamara L. Floyd

Join Lamar and Ronnie Tyler, Directors and Producers of You Save Me, at this community event hosted in Houston, TX at the Fountain of Praise (South Post Oak Campus) on July 30, 2010. See information below.


Why My Community Needs Positive Images

I decided to make this piece personal because it’s very dear to my heart. I understand that it is a rarity to be reared in a two parent home in this day and time, but I’m very humbled to say that I was. My parents, Anthony and Gwendolyn Roy, have been married for 27 years in September. I cannot begin to express what a gift this is for me as a young, successful African American woman. I had the opportunity to grow up in a home with the “Huxtable” nuclear family system. I can say I have lived the true American dream, and for this reason I am more than optimistic about the state of African American families. I credit my parents with providing me the tools to succeed in my own marriage of almost five years. I grew up with role models of a healthy marriage. Again I’m fully aware this is untrue for many.

Statistically, African Americans are not getting married and if they are marrying they certainly are not staying that way. We’ve all seen the stories on primetime news. These stories that ponder “Why Successful Black Women Cannot Get a Man” are more than disheartening. Our community needs and desires positive images that counter many peoples’ reality as well as the negativity in today’s media. Couple Lamar and Ronnie Tyler of Tyler New Media have answered the call.

Lamar and Ronnie Tyler are Essence.com bloggers and co-creators of the largest independent site on the web that specifically deals with marriage and parenting in the black community, called Black and Married With Kids.com(BMWK). Their first film, Happily Ever After: A Positive Image of Black Marriage, is an Amazon.com bestselling documentary set to challenge negative stereotypes surrounding marriage and parenting in the black community.

Their second film, You Saved Me, highlights the beauty of African American marriages in a time where marriage numbers are at an all time low and African American divorce numbers are conversely at an all time high. Hope of positive, lasting, relationships look bleak until now. This film gives real couples an opportunity to explain how their marriages had a direct impact on their lives, featuring candid and transparent looks inside the hardships, trials, and ultimate success stories of these amazing couples. YOU SAVED ME offers an unprecedented look inside real relationships and what is required to sustain them. Houston.

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