You’re my Air

image “You’re my air.” More than just my favorite line in Brown Sugar (2002).  This memorable line by Taye Digg’s character, Andre Romulus ‘Dre’ Ellis has resonated with me more recently after viewing a video entitled “The Truth”. This is a video of motivational speaker, Sean ‘Swift tha Barber’ Walker describing the secret to his success. (See Video here) Walker exclaims “when you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe then you will be successful”.

“You are my air!” Let’s think about this statement.  In reference to the movie, its a clever way of saying “I need you to live or I can’t live without you. What is your air?

What’s YOUR Air???

Stop, Think About It! You don’t have to answer right now. What do you do by trade or profession that is innate? This skill or ability could easily be described as autonomic like the act of respiration, inhaling & exhaling oxygen; breathing. What do you do that is like breathing? What is your air? Its an autonomic response. You can’t live without. You need it to survive.  You live to breathe and breathe to live. 

I can attest that once you identify your own personal air, you will find a sense of purpose.  You will also find a center to focus upon in the midst of simply breathing.  I encourage you.  Yes, you!!! Identify your air.  Then sketch out a plan to take in more air.

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