Daughter of Yahweh

as beautiful as her God-given crown

fearfully fashioned stitch by stitch

by the King himself

with authority to rule

asking and receiving each request

not a diva but truly divine

more than entitled to the throne

confident in her excellence

uncondemned by past mistake

vision of careful perfecting

speaker and carrier of new life

poise beyond words

enriched by divinity

possessing the trinity

created in their image

she is phenomenal

in stature and character

untouched by others opinions

hers is the only that matters

anointed, blessed and favored

holding the heart of the King

ruling in all the Earth

commanding His hand

He shines upon her

like a tree of righteousness

light to her path

a lady and her Lord

a heavenly match.

© 2010, Tamara L. Floyd. All rights reserved. Contact tamara@tamarafloyd.com for permissions to use/reprint any content.