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My name is Tamara L. Floyd. I wear a lot of hats and I live social media. I am a communications #PRblmsolver, wife, mother and serial blogger by day and by night a modern day super hero. My mission is simple, “World Domination”!!!


LATISM’12 will be held in Houston (at the Hyatt downtown) October 25-27, 2012. Topic tracks include Business, Technology, Health and Education. In addition, there are top-name speakers and great hands-on workshops offered in a variety of topics.

As a blogger, I’m looking forward to hearing from professional bloggers that receive a million page views a month. I’m always open to opportunities where I can learn how to better my blog and my business.  Latism offer both a business and technology track that provides hands on workshops for both with additional tracks such as Health and Education.

This will be my first time attending but the Latism-Houston Chapter are key influencers.  Watching them makes me really anticipate the programming.  I will outline my plan of attack for the Latism agenda. Gotta make sure I get the most out of it.

Are you a student or an educator? Apply for a scholarship to attend Latism’12.

Will I See You At Latism’12?

Spark and Hustle is #TeamHouston

Tory Johnson’s Spark and Hustle tour stopped in H-Town.  I was ecstatic that my city was one of the stops for this small business conference.  Why, you ask?  It seems that Houston is not credited for its booming small business and entrepreneur community.   The fact is Houston is known as a leader within the oil and gas industry. But it also has a large entrepreneurial climate as well.

Anyone who has attended Spark and Hustle can sense Tory Johnson’s spark, drive and passion for women business owners.  It is embedded in each of the sessions.  Johnson brought together women who have hustled and achieved excellence to speak on key business cornerstones.  Below is a full social media re-cap for your enjoyment.

Next year I hope to say I’m one of the speakers *clears throat* Hint, Hint!!!

Spark and Hustle Houston Re-Cap

On Thursday, July 12, 2012, Tory Johnson brought Spark & Hustle to Houston for one jam-packed, high-energy day. Take aways message were learn, laugh, and leave with a treasure trove of value.

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Houston, TX * July 12, 2012 * Bayou City Event CenterOn Thursday, July 12, 2012, Tory Johnson brings Spark & Hustle to take over Houston for one jam-packed, high-energy day enabling you …
Despite the icky weather Houston women came out to learn fresh ways to build business and boost their bottom line. They met prospective clients, customers, collaborators and champions of business.
Hi @toryjohnson ! Welcome to Houston! #sparkandhustle #RainDontBotherMe http://twitpic.com/a6rv7sHoldStillMedia
RT @coachreeshemah: The early bird who travels across town thru the rain gets the best seat for #sparkandhustle with @toryjohnson http://pic.twitter.com/pG7V2arKAnnisha Williamson
Super pumped for @toryjohnson in Houston today! #sparkandhustle #RainDontBotherMeMichelle Eulene
Tory Johnson give a great 20 min introduction and welcome. Followed by Bobby Weiner aka Bloody Mary. 
Professional Hollywood Halloween Costume FX Makeup – Dear Bloody Mary”I Can Do This” The Bloody Mary Story – $14.95 Nicknamed “Bloody Mary” for her makeup work in horror films, Bobbie Weiner has turned her …
B/c @1bloodymary’s “dead” makeup during “Titanic” didn’t come off.. she now makes Camouflage Face Paint for our soldiers #sparkandhustleCindy W Morrison
@1bloodymary believes in making mistakes, reinventing herself daily and be around ppl who enhance you. #sparkandhustleReeshemah Holmes
“Don’t be afraid to ask, Don’t be afraid of no”~ @1bloodymary That’s what I said bc you only need ONE YES!!! @toryjohnson #sparkandhustlehouTamara F.
Great speech by @1bloodymary at #SparkandHustle! Very inspirational @toryjohnsonErin Schroeder
#sparkandhustle Wow! @1bloodymary is freaking amazing!JaniceSimon
“If you don’t make mistakes, you’re screwed.” @1bloodymary #sparkandhustleLisa N. Alexander
@1bloodymary So inspiring! It’s never too late to reinvent yourself! #sparkandhustleLinda Taylor
Signing my books in Hpuston TX, I Can Do This, The Bloody Mary StoryBobbie Weiner
Branding with Mica May of May Books and Heather McLeskey of Elaine Turner
Great tips from @micammay & @elaineturner on #branding. #SparkandHustle @maybooks @toryjohnsonErin Schroeder
@elaineturner says you cant ”think” you know target customer. You must research and KNOW and have data. #sparkandhustle http://pic.twitter.com/mWjlZE8ZReeshemah Holmes
@micammay @maybooks says brand must be version of biz owner. Stay true to yourself and brand. #sparkandhustleReeshemah Holmes
@maybooks don’t let “no” be the end. At the end of many “no’s” you will get a yes. @toryjohnson #sparkandhustleSarah Graham
@maybooks @micammay has a book called ”Urban Whino” thats great convo piece for wine parties. #sparkandhustleReeshemah Holmes
What do you want someone to think, feel & experience from the moment they’re introduced 2 your co.? @miccamay @elaineturner #sparkandhustleTamara F.
“Do not apologize for your pricing.” @micammay #sparkandhustleLisa N. Alexander
RT @CindyWMorrison: For every “no”… there’s a “yes” around the corner. via @MicamMay from @MayBooks #sparkandhustle #HoustonDr. Goldie Erowele
RT @ElaineTurner: @heathermcleskey discussing branding with @toryjohnson and @micammay at #sparkandhustle. Empowering stuff! http://ow.ly/i/LsxXMica May
Engagement Marketing presented by Amy Oliveri of Constant Contact stressed the power of impactful and intentional engagement.  Connect with your targeted audience & engage!!!
81% of consumers trust recommendations and/or reviews – that’s why honest book reviews are important. #sparkandhustle #livinginmypurposeDeltareviewer
Engagement Marketing Nugget!!!
Engagement marketing cycle being discussed at #sparkandhustle http://pic.twitter.com/WzobcJGsReeshemah Holmes
Leverage traditional “Word of Mouth” online #sparkandhustleTamara F.
Increasing social visualibility… #sparkandhustleTamara F.
RT @LisaNAlexander: Engagement equals participation. #sparkANDhustleShandra Ward
@dnations of Constant Contact is doing an excellent job, talking about engagement marketing at @toryjohnson’s #sparkandhustle event.Lori Gama ♥
Social Media DeMystified by Social Media Rock Star Cindy Morrison
RT @tamarafloyd: @CindyWMorrison “Be A Social Media Rock Star” Put thought into your FB cover photo #sparkandhustleCindy W Morrison
My 3 people/businesses I want to learn from @CindyWMorrison (soc.media expert) @toryjohnson @Oprah I’m ready to rev up my #sparkandhustle!Linda Taylor
“Strategically stalking with excellence” – #MyNewMotto Thanks @CindyWMorrison You crack me up!! #SparkandHustle #HoustonEditionMichelle Eulene
Stretch Your Marketing Muscle seems like an oxymoron with CHOCbite’s creator, Adeline “Adz” Rem with Carrie Rocha, founder of PocketYourDollars.com. Rocha was selected by sponsor LifetimeMoms.com to present Amy Catherine Designs with the Houston Lifetime Mom Award.
Congrats to Amy Hughes, founder of Amy Catherine Designs + winner of our Houston Lifetime Moms #SparkandHustle contest! http://ltmom.co/tvhLifetime Moms
Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs: Amy Hughes, Founder of Amy Catherine Designs!Congratulations to Amy Hughes, founder of Amy Catherine Designs and winner of our Lifetime Moms/Spark Hustle Contest! Amy tells us a little bit about herself and her business. Because of my love for family and photography Amy Catherine Designs came alive in 2008.
Gearing up for “muscle marketing” with @chocbite @CarrieRocha @toryjohnson @MyTXGC at #houston #sparkandhustleDr. Goldie Erowele
“There’s a lot of people between me and Oprah.” ~ Adeline Adz Rem @chocbite #sparkandhustleNakia R. Laushaul
@chocbite was the best co-panelist ever at #sparkandhustle. Plus, she has access to loads of chocolate AND is out of debt! #debtfreeCarrie Rocha
@chocbite gave sample of product that she used 2 reward herself after she lost 50 lbs! Only 60 cals! #sparkandhustle http://pic.twitter.com/wQ3jp2j6Reeshemah Holmes
@carrierocha @lifetimemoms says ”SHOULD is a guilt word!” YEP! #sparkandhustleReeshemah Holmes
@lifetimemoms @carrierocha says ”Be a risk taker & take one step towards something that feels good in your gut every day.” #sparkandhustleReeshemah Holmes
How to Be A Media Bombshell with Ellie Scarborough of Media Bombshell. 
RT @mediabombshell: Proud to joining @toryjohnson today to speak at Spark & Hustle 2012! http://bit.ly/SparkConf #sparkandhustleTory Johnson
Hello Media Bombshell!
RT @maybooks: love @mediabombshell! Turn passion into #smallbiz profit @toryjohnson’s #sparkandhustle. http://twitpic.com/a6up1yJaniceSimon
@mediabombshell helps savvy #business owners/bloggers master media. She helps you at #sparkandhustle: http://bit.ly/SPHOUSTory Johnson
Sales and Scale Tory Johnson stressed the importance of knowing your numbers.  This is the best way to distinguish between a business and hobby. Don’t shy away for the money matters especially if you’re a solopreneur. Panelist were Sandra Jonas Desguin, founder of Maiden Stone Inc. and Caroline Freedman & Lauren McCullough, Founders of Nurturme. 
Thx @toryjohnson for a grt session today at Hou #sparkandhustle! Pls keep in touch 🙂 http://pic.twitter.com/iRNICslpCaroline & Lauren
RT @tamarafloyd: Stretching your marketing muscles. Think of three businesses that you would like to work with. #sparkandhustle Leverage the power of pplCrystal Washington
@NurturMe Thanks for sharing sales and scale information with us today. #sparkandhustle #livinginmypurpose #alwaysreadingsomethingDeltareviewer
“Knowing your numbers can help you separate a hobby from a business.” @toryjohnson #sparkandhustleErin Casey
How much money are you leaving on the table b/c you’re not talking about money in your business? @toryjohnson #sparkandhustleErin Casey
Your sales force and brokers matter. @nurtureme #sparkANDhustleLisa N. Alexander
The Feedback Poured In For #sparkandhustle!!! 
Inspiring #speakers, stories, connections, ideas to implement @toryjohnson @CindyWMorrison @1bloodymary @maybooks #sparkandhustle HoustonDr. Goldie Erowele
@toryjohnson I love how empowered I feel. You’ve created something special. I am super grateful. #sparkandhustle #IfSheCanICanNakia R. Laushaul
thanks so much!! “@tamarafloyd: #sparkandhustle makes entrepreneurship tangible for everyone!!! @toryjohnson Great event!!!”Tory Johnson
RT @womengamechange: #sparkandhustle in #Houston was great today. If you didn’t come out you missed some great information and wonderful women.DynamicallyRE
Met amazing women at Houston’s #sparkandhustle today! Picked up some valuable information too. Thanks @toryjohnson!JaniceSimon
RT @LisaNAlexander: Not so much about getting out there but bringing the right people to you. @toryjohnson #sparkandhustleKelly

#Fox26wknd Trendy in Houston

Fox 26 Houston launched a new weekend newscast.  Local social media trendsetters were invited to the news station for a tweet-up and to help get the word out.  This “Wake and Tweet Up’ was such a hit. Many people who were unaware of the new newscast were now tuned in for the 5-8 am show.  The events hashtag #fox26wknd was trending in Houston’s twittersphere.

Fox 26 Houston has been very intentional about implementing the latest in social media into their newscast.  Viewers are urged to connect with their favorite anchors/reporters on Facebook and Twitter.  Featured comments and tweets now run at the bottom of the screen during live 6 am and 9 pm newscast.  See a full re-cap below.  Pictured Above: Sally McDonald, Fox Morning News Weekend Anchor

How Young Is Too Young?

Dispute what people thought, my husband and I got married. That was almost seven years ago. I was 20 and he was 23.  The decision was anomyous between the two of us when we began to dating officially and exclusively. We vowed to date with a purpose. Our relationship was clearly defined after 3 months of “talking”, “kicking it”, “hanging out” or what ever the kids are calling it now. I know women say this but I KNEW he was my husband and I told him.  His response was “I don’t know about that, I have to talk to my mom.” And he did. He called her right in front of me.
He was looking for confirmation and of course she didn’t give it to him. 

I started dating and decided to marry my husband at 19. We got engaged after 8 months and said I do on our one year anniversary. When I heard the news of Miley Cyrus’s recent engagement, I wasn’t surprised I made the decision at that age. I also know others who married young and are still going strong. I received a call from My Fox Houston to weigh in on the subject. I happily obliged. What’s the big deal I thought. Miley Cyrus I believe has proving to be responsible in her decisions. 

 I understand that 50% of marriages end in divorce.  The media perpetuates the stigma of black love. In past years stories entitled “Why Can’t A Success Black Woman Find A Man.” and “Why are There So Many Single Black Women” have run.  Making it more believable that love and especially black love does not exist.   Its rare that black couples last. I’m thankful that despite the hardships of life The Floyd’s are still standing and growing together.  I was a little disappointed to see that the segment has once again taking a negative spin on the subject. But give me your thoughts.

What are your thoughts? Comment Below

5 Tips for Entrepreneurs

EditedIMG_8666This month marks my year anniversary of being an accidental entrepreneur.  I couldn’t decide if this post would reflect all my many life, I mean business lessons or reflection of business dos and don’ts.  One thing I will say is that it has been a great year of learning.  Overall, I have no a complaints.

Your Network is Invaluable. Like everything in life; its about who you know.  “Being a business owner is no different.  Many of your contract opportunities will be a result of your network; word of mouth.

Get It In Writing. Before beginning any projects outline all the specifics in a contract that is signed by you as the independent contractor and the client.  Your contract should include start/end dates, payment methods and schedules, project timelines and goals/objectives.  This protect you as well as your client. 

Never Begin Work On A Promise To Pay… I know you trust you associates and that’s great but sometimes life happens.  In the sake of business is business, it’s recommended that you receive an initial deposit to start work. 

Stick To Your Guns…It seems people are always looking for a discount. You know the value of your work and apparently they do too. Don’t feel the need to sale your experience and qualifications short.  When it comes to pricing, stand by it like you stand by your brand

Expand your horizons by investing into your personal development.  Professional organizations and conferences have great resources to educate on the latest advancements in your field as well as expand your network.

    Tamara L. Floyd is a branding, media relations and product ambassador that specializes in new media marketing and promotions for corporate, non-profit & entertainment industries.  Visit www.floydandassoc.com or follow on Twitter @tamarafloyd.