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My name is Tamara L. Floyd. I’m a modern day super hero one might say. But you can call me #PRblmSolver!!! My mission is simple: World Domination!!!
As founder and CEO of Floyd and Associates | An Innovative Solutions Group I have developed successful campaigns that are fueled by interactive digital marketing strategies which include both traditional and new media. These campaigns include social media, public/media relations and community involvement. I solve communications problems with the use of integrated marketing and public relations.  Some of the brands that I have worked with include Target, Wal-Mart and other consumer brands.

My team has been the driving force behind multicultural campaigns in the Houston area. We are called on to promote and raise awareness for events such as My Black is Beautiful and Latism just to name a few by utilizing community outreach.

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I’m a bit of a serial blogger. It started with my natural hair journey which is documented on Natural Hair Rules.com!!! I am a Top Natural Hair Blogger (number 1 ranked natural hair blog) with more than 62,000 followers.

As I stated earlier, I was promoted to motherhood.  As a natural woman, I am naturally a green mother.  Boxer and the Baby proudly chronicles my experience as a  breastfeedingbaby wearingcloth diapering work at home mom.

On this site, the blog will highlight my accomplishments, local events and possible insidious rambles about many professional career.

If you have any question or just want to connect with me my info is below.

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