5 Tips for Entrepreneurs

EditedIMG_8666This month marks my year anniversary of being an accidental entrepreneur.  I couldn’t decide if this post would reflect all my many life, I mean business lessons or reflection of business dos and don’ts.  One thing I will say is that it has been a great year of learning.  Overall, I have no a complaints.

Your Network is Invaluable. Like everything in life; its about who you know.  “Being a business owner is no different.  Many of your contract opportunities will be a result of your network; word of mouth.

Get It In Writing. Before beginning any projects outline all the specifics in a contract that is signed by you as the independent contractor and the client.  Your contract should include start/end dates, payment methods and schedules, project timelines and goals/objectives.  This protect you as well as your client. 

Never Begin Work On A Promise To Pay… I know you trust you associates and that’s great but sometimes life happens.  In the sake of business is business, it’s recommended that you receive an initial deposit to start work. 

Stick To Your Guns…It seems people are always looking for a discount. You know the value of your work and apparently they do too. Don’t feel the need to sale your experience and qualifications short.  When it comes to pricing, stand by it like you stand by your brand

Expand your horizons by investing into your personal development.  Professional organizations and conferences have great resources to educate on the latest advancements in your field as well as expand your network.

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